Sun, Sand and Sound in the Pinhole

My brother James was with me on this trip to the Sound. There were a couple of people hanging out in the water and in the sand. The light was beautiful so I put my pinhole camera on the tripod. When I laid in front of the camera James told me I was such a character. I told him I have been doing this so long I could care less what anyone thinks. I realized while he had seen lots of images I have made, he had rarely been around me while I  making self portraits in public. I think someone might ask why didn't I just photograph him? I tried but its just easier to do it myself. By the time, i get someone to loose all the symbols on their clothes or direct them, it just seems simpler to do it myself. I like mystery in  posed images and a big Nike symbol isn't going to cut it. But I never feel the same way about shooting a stranger on the street or do I? Maybe when I pick a person to photograph on the street I intuitively avoid those things. A 100 people may walk by that I have no interest in photographing. The self portraits gave me confidence and made me accept my appearance. I have made as many bad photos of myself as good and I never wanted images of me to look like a Idealized colonial painting or something from Olan Mills. I want people to feel something beyond thats pretty. At this point, with everyone doing profile pictures, Am I just doing a glorified Selfie that is better than yours?Or am I still exploring the self as a subject? I am guilty of using my images as profile pictures and I wonder if that in some way degrades the images?