I fell in love with the dreamy quality of the plastic lens about 20 years ago after a friend gave me my first plastic camera. I later got my first Holga in college and began to experiment. In 1998 I took a trip to New Orleans and took several expensive cameras on a walk through the city and a man tapped me on the shoulder and told me he wasn't going to mug me but if I kept walking in the direction I was walking, I was going to get mugged. After that I took my Holga everywhere and figured if the plastic camera was stollen or I dropped it, I only lost about $30.  I have used one ever since and most of the images here are from a lomo camera of some kind.    

     While Film is still my first love, in recent years I have been shooting with an iPhone mainly because I always have it with me and I can make images when I normally wouldn't.  Most of the iPhone stuff is from an app. called Hipstamatic, but I am using Kit Camera lately as well. 

    I began doing self portraits pretty early in my photographic journey for several reasons. First, I was really shy and couldn't ask people to do what I envisioned. Second, I lived out in the country and so it was either photograph myself or the landscape and I had very little interest in that. I also used mask early on to create characters. I gained confidence from this and began to accept my self as I am and grew to photograph friends and family as time went on. I have thought about not  photographing my self any longer but I realized gaining acceptance of who I am isn't a stoping point. I no longer look like the 19 year old kid that began this journey. So I wonder what the photographs will be like when I am 70?

    As I have become more aware politically and spiritually, I think of the John Szarkowski line about being a mirror or a window and often say I am a mirror who wants to be a window and have began to photograph people I have no relationship with other than a brief encounter. I find my self drawn to the protester trying to make the world a better place or the interesting character on the street.  

    I have been told my images are scary but I see my own growth as a human being, how time has changed  physically not only me but friends and loved ones. I see friendships that were breif but very important. I see my evolution from boyhood to manhood and the awareness that comes from that journey of figuring out who I am.